Servicons Reformas & Interiorismo

We create living spaces

We are specialists in comprehensive refurbishments and interior design. We know what we are doing and we do it well. We take our work seriously, work quickly, cleanly, and guarantee what we do.

We carry out partial or total refurbishment projects in homes, entrances, offices and trade premises, adapt spaces for people with special needs, etc. Our aim is to re-design spaces to transform them into places where people can feel at ease.

We appreciate that every refurbishment is unique, just like each client, which is why we give each project the customised and individual attention that it deserves, with every detail taken into account to ensure a truly custom-made result.

  • We cover all the work that needs carrying out: construction, electricity, plumbing, window fitting, floors, kitchens, bathrooms, etc.
  • Our quotes are straightforward and detailed. There are no surprises, no small print, and we adapt to your individual budget.
  • We use the very top name-brand materials.
  • We offer our guidance throughout the entire process, helping you with the optimum layout, choice of materials, licence proceedings, or any doubts that may arise at any time during the refurbishment process.
  • We create a 3D project of your refurbishment.
  • We have a highly qualified team of multidisciplinary professionals (architects, quantity surveyors, and construction and interior design managers) who ensure the tight running of the project.
  • We offer the very best value for money.
  • We meet deadlines.
We mainly operate within Navarre, the Basque Country, La Rioja and Aragon, though we have also worked in Hendaye, Santander, Castellon, Brussels, etc.
How we work

At Servicons we follow strict and meticulous work guidelines to ensure the most comfortable and easy refurbishment process possible.


The visit: we evaluate, take measurements and advise

The quote: detailed, straightforward and specific
We evaluate the work and advise our client on the best use of the space, the possible layout of the home or premises, the materials to use, etc.

After establishing the needs of the client, we produce a detailed quotation with no strings attached, absolutely free of charge. It includes all the work that is required, and details and displays the individual amounts. It is no obligation, there’s no small print and of course, no surprises.


Planning the work: reliable, customised and professional

Undertaking the work: planned, organised and completely under control

End of the work: quality, harmony and balance

Once the quotation has been accepted, the planning work begins. If required, our technical and interior design team is happy to work closely alongside the client when choosing materials and products to use, conveniently offering their expert guidance on the best options for the client’s unique project.

With these foundations established, we produce a work plan, estimating the length of the work as well as organising the involvement of the various different professions required throughout the project.

We make sure that everything runs according to plan. During the work, the client can rest at ease, safe in the knowledge that the architect, quantity surveyor, construction and interior design managers are taking care of orders, organising the work, coordinating and managing the various different professionals, etc. to ensure that all deadlines, as well as the stipulated quality standards, are being met. 

Among the services we offer is the complete cleaning of the refurbished home or premises. Furthermore, we offer a two-year guarantee on all of our works.

Decorating is much more than following your intuition. Our surroundings should adapt to our needs and should reflect our tastes in order to create a harmonious and balanced atmosphere.

As well as being aesthetically pleasing, the home should first and foremost be a usable and comfortable space in which to live. At work, it is important to create a pleasant and comfortable space that encourages concentration and productivity. Making the right decision is key, which is why we work alongside the very best furniture and commercial equipment providers.

All that is left to do, is to enjoy your new home or workplace.

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